Whole Health Medicine is an integrative approach to well being.  It begins with whole-hearted,“healed” physicians.  By making the effort to heal themselves they understand the essential connection of mind, body and spirit. 

For the past century, health care in the US has focused on treating the symptoms of disease.  But, what about the root causes of disease and chronic illness? 

I work as a co-partner with patients who have chronic skin conditions. Our challenge is to identify the underlying causes.  The Whole Health Medicine diagnosis requires a detailed assessment of life & work balance, relationships, nutrition, exercise, environmental toxins and spirituality.  Treatments are mostly supportive interventions that include self-care & stress reduction. I employ a myriad of science-based modalities that generally augment traditional therapies. 

The science and practice of integrative whole health medicine defines health as more than the absence of disease.


S.Eve Vause, M.D.

S. Eve Vause, MD


S. Eve Vause, MD is founder and Medical Director of Vause Dermatology, board certified in Dermatology/Dermatologic Surgery and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She has been in private practice since 1989. As GMO, Captain Vause served in a Family Practice Clinic from 1983-86.

A favorite pastime is teaching and currently she is a visiting lecturer at Salus University and volunteer faculty at RWJMS/Rutgers University.  As a member of Physicians for Ethical Medicine, she is passionate about educating patients on healthy lifestyles and frequently lectures at community, medical, and organizational events.

Dr. Vause has studied Whole Health Medicine, Foundations in Science of Mind, Ayurveda & Perfect Health, Journey into Healing, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditation Techniques, Intuitive Healing, Tibetan Buddhist teachings and other paths of physical and spiritual well being. She is available for private Whole Health Medicine consultations and specializes in the evaluation and treatment of chronic, persistent skin conditions. Her goal is to assist you in learning to enhance your innate self-repair mechanisms and facilitate healing.  She is also available for speaking engagements.