Success Stories
A friend referred me to Dr Vause for the lines and wrinkles around my mouth, they were pretty deep and I didn't think there was anything I could do about them. I went for my Radiesse consult on a Thursday and by the following Monday my wrinkles were gone! It was that simple, I should have done it sooner. Thank you Dr Vause for making me feel comfortable with my procedure and for giving me back my beautiful smile..I would recommend this 30minute wrinkle miracle to anyone... 
Staci T (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Years of sun damage had taken it's toll on my skin..spots,lines & wrinkles, I had it all..Then I read an article about Microdermabrasion. It seemed worth it to place a call and get more information. The staff at Dr. Vause's office was so helpful they explained the process completley, then they set me up for my appointment. I have had three treatments so far and my skin is radiant!! I haven't looked this good in years! Thanks to all of you in the office. 
See you soon...
Monica V (Mullica Hill, NJ)

I noticed a mole in the corner of my eye, changes were taking place. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Vause, she removed the mole, sent the specimen to the lab and two days later I received a call from the office that the Mole was cancerous. I had to schedule what is called Moh's surgery for small amounts of tissue to be removed until the cancer was gone. The thought of this day was very difficult for me. When I got to the office the staff was courteous, friendly and caring they went out of their way to make me feel welcome and relaxed. When all of the above was going on, they would visit with me and chat for a few minutes, offer beverages and at lunch time they even offered to pick something up for me if I was interested, everyone was tremendous.  When the surgery was completed, I had an area near my eye that could not be stitched; Dr. Vause made some suggestions, one was to let the wound heal gradually with constant monitoring of the area by her and the staff. I put my trust in her judgment and gave my permission to do what would necessary so a visible scar wasn't left on my face. It has been a while since my surgery, I am very pleased with my results !
R.L. ( Pennsville, NJ)

After years of discomfort and embarassment,  I am overjoyed at the results of the CO2 laser resurfacing.  Two days after the treatment I could see that there was giong to be a drastic change.  Minimal discomfort has brought maximal changes in my life. 
Cheryl B.